Los Peores del Tango, is a NYC based tango trio with emphasis in the traditional tango repertoire, seeking new ways of interpreting, arranging and integrating elements of the surrounding modern music scene.
They started appearing in local bars and milongas but also in tango festivals and music scenes in the US. Their upcoming album Empeorando will be their debut album, featuring many guest artists from their previous collaborations up to now.
The band, a tango trio with vocals consists of Maurizio Najt (Piano), Javier Sánchez (Bandoneón), Pablo Lanouguere (Double-Bass) and Stratos Achlatis (Vocals).
Guest Artists featured in live concerts and in the upcoming album are London Hong (Bandoneon, Vocals), Maxfield-Wollam Fisher (Cello), Emilio Solla (Piano), Kostas Vlahopoulos (Chromatic Harmonica), Sofia Tosello (Vocals).